This “Leaning Tower of Water” was uncovered on a heating & hot water upgrade.

No camera trickery, look at the pipes and bricks, they’re perpendicular. The cylinder was 1600mm tall  holding around 300 litres of water. The cold feed tank (in next picture holding around the same, but connected to mains water feed so will constantly fill if there is a leak.

So we have around 600 litres(over 130gallon) of stored water above a newly renovated bathroom ready to come pouring through.

The reason the tank is leaning is because it was sat on a piece of old wooden door, which was rotting because the tank was leaking, because the tank was leaning, because the door was rotting…. you get the picture?

The other half of the door was supporting the cold water tank (next picture)!

I can absolutely guarantee that the “Immutable Law of Sod” would have come into play, probably when the clients were away for the weekend, which they often were. So the potential for 600 litres initial flooding, plus a constant mains flooding when the pipes broke for perhaps 24-48hrs.

Imagine the horror of coming home to find that? To cap it all, the boiler was completely wrecked, fan seized, burner chamber full of condensate salts and muck despite being on a annual service contract of around £30 per month, for over 8 years! The people responsible for this joke… you guessed it the Mario Brothers a.k.a Gritish Bas.

boiler_fail (768x1024)

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