Yes people, they’re still doing the rounds – “SCALLY SCAMMERS” 

Don't fall victim to Scam cold callers

Don’t fall victim to Scam cold callers

Just received a call from a guy in Liverpool purporting to be from Gloucestershire Police Authority wanting me to advertise in “Vanguard” Magazine, that well known publication that’s distributed to The Police, Fire Brigade & Ambulance crews!

Spiel starts out with the “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, it’s nothing to do with fly tipping or drink driving” (I wasn’t worried?) then goes into the script about looking for a local business to do all the work for Police officers, Fireman , Ambulance crews I’ll be the only type of my business listed, blah blah.. then to cost £495 for full page, £295 for 1/2 page, £195 for 1/4 page.
Would it be something I would be interested in….. maybe I reply (tongue very firmly planted in cheek) He’ll get “Rick from Unity Print” to call me back. Sure enough a few minutes later a Liverpool land-line number shows on screen, must be “Rick from Unity Print”.
People, be FULLY AWARE this is a SCAM. It’s been around for years in various forms, at best you will get some poor ad in a crappy mag that no-one ever sees, at worst you will lose money and get on a suckers list.
They appear to target new advertisers on Scoot, Freeindex, Yell & the like.

Here are the two numbers to put in your block list, tell all your friends and spread the word as much as possible that these “Scallys” are just common crooks! (and give Liverpool a bad name)

First call, via mobile: 07941 361162

Second call, via Liverpool land-line: 0151 709 0784 (must be Rick from Unity Print)

And another call from “Rick from Unity Print” after I blocked the other two:  07941 335628

Told him they were scammers, don’t think he’ll call back!

more info here

If you want to block a number check with your provider. TalkTalk offer a “Last Caller Bar” service, sign up for it in your account options (it’s free) dial 14258 last number will be read out then press ** star key twice, number now blocked. SKY offer a similar service
Easy to block a number on your mobile, just add to reject list.

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