Forest Plumbing – Surestop Remote Water Switch

Forest Plumbing are A Surestop Platinum Installer for the Surestop remote water switch and service valves. We carry a stock of remote water switches and can install them on 15mm & 22mm copper or plastic pipe.


The Surestop remote water switch can also be used to turn off other water supplies from water tanks, loft tanks etc. Water switches require no power or batteries and operate by the force of water alone. They are as easy to operate as a light switch and can either be mounted next to or as a replacement for your existing stopcock. They are WRAS approved and offer a quick and easy to use method to turn off your water supply. The switch can be fitted up to 6 metres away from the valve.


SureStop Remote Switch

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know where your stopcock is, and does it work?
  • If yes, are you able to easily turn it?
  • If no, what would you do in the event of a leak?
  • Do you know your insurance excess for flood damage?
  • Did you know that in  December 2010 there were over 103,000 insurance claims for burst water pipes at an average cost of £6600 per claim?
  • Do you or a family member have poor grip or suffer from arthritis in the hands/fingers/wrists?
  • If you are a landlord, can your tenant turn the stopcock off easily?
  • Do you turn your stopcock off when you go away?
  • Would you like to be able to turn your water off at the flick of a switch, even if just going to the shops?

Research by AA Insurance found that 30% of UK households didn’t know where their stopcock was or if it worked!
A burst pipe leaks on average 400 litres per hour or 9600 litres per day.

Forest Plumbing are currently offering the Surestop remote water switch from £75 including vat  fitted(15mm remote water switch). A section of copper or plastic water pipe, either 15mm or 22mm must be available close to the existing stopcock, or the existing stopcock can be replaced.
These switches cannot be fitted to lead pipe. (if you have lead pipe, get it replaced)

The Surestop water switch is now specified by over 250 local authorities and housing associations.


If you’re looking for a Surestop remote water switch in Cinderford, The Forest of Dean, Wye Valley, Coleford, Chepstow, Gloucester,Lydney, Monmouth, Ross on Wye and surrounding areas. Forest Plumbing offers a complete range of Surestop remote water switches and service valves.

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