A Very Large En-Suite Bathroom.

The dimensions of this room were some 5500mm x 4000mm (18′ x 13′) which is quite a substantial sized room for any purpose!

It was a refurbished extension to an existing barn conversion and posed a few issues, mainly due to the poor construction of the internal walls and floor by the builders carrying out the conversion.

A common problem occurs when old and new floors are installed and the levels are different, customers rarely want a step due to the very real risk of tripping so a common “cheat” is to gradually slope a new floor so it meets up with the existing floor. That’s exactly what happened here.

The problem was the slope was running away from the proposed wet floor walk in shower and was a fall of around 45mm towards the nice expensive bedroom carpet. As always, the rules of physics apply, water runs downhill.

Another issue was the “bow in the long internal wall of around 50mm, how on earth is it possible to construct a wall so uneven? My problem was that the wall and floor tiles are 900mm long and don’t bend! The walls had to be levelled with plasterboard before tiling and the floor levelled with plywood then two layers of cross bonded cement board, then screeded to get a level floor. I hid what was now a step down into the bedroom by feathering the floor in the door reveal, which was carpeted, so there was no step, but in effect a slight ramp, so much extra effort and materials because of poor planning.

The tiles are porcelain and by Villeroy and Boch, in fact the whole suite is by Villeroy & Boch and brassware by Hansgrohe.

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