Shower Room Converted To En-suite

Originally a shower room accessed from the landing, this was converted to an en-suite shower room by removing part of a wardrobe run & creating a new access.
Two galleries here, the first showing before and during, the second showing the completed room.

This is a conversion of an existing shower room to an en-suite.
A little different from the ordinary in that the entrance to the shower room was from the landing, but the entrance to the en-suite was to be where a built-in wardrobe stood, but the brief was to retain as much wardrobe space as possible and not to alter the door and door frame from the landing because of existing decor.

Upon removal of the existing fittings a multitude of horrendous practices were uncovers, the worst being the electrcal cables wrapped around the shower valve, these had the potential to be lethal. ChocBloc connectors used next to water pipes, no insulation, rubbish under the floor, restrictor valves on hot a cold water supplies, tiles stuck on in the same manner as pictures with Blue Tak, shower tray just resting on the floor, held down with gravity and the silicone bead between the tray & tiles, quite frankly appalling.

The muppets that fitted this shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near someone’s property, or even their garden shed.

So a full programme of replacing pipes, re-routing cables, replacing floor, ceiling and walls was required to bring back to reality.

I blocked up the old doorway but left the door in place, so from the landing side, no distrubance at all. The WC cistern was built into the wall, this is a particularly slimline model.

A new entrance was formed by removing the built in wardrobe, cutting it down in depth and width and using the resultant space to form a new doorway. It was felt better to leave as an opening, rather than fit a door, lets more light in and doesn’t feel enclosed when in use.

A proximity detector was used to switch low voltage led lights on so as not to disturb the other half during the night and not be blinded by downlights. An extremely quiet fill on cistern also minimises any sound issues.

Ceiling was skimmed, painted and downlights and loft mounted fan fitted, again to minimise noise. Shower screen is a double sliding door, so no intrusion into the room, also a compact WC wall hung pan.

The room is only around 1200mm x 1200mm (4′ x 4′) but everything required is there.

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