A small bathroom in a rented terrace house.

A bathroom in a rented property brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century

The existing bathroom was in a state, done badly and on the cheap by the previous owner (if you do it cheap, you do it twice). The floor tiles were “stuck” to hardboard and loose, walls were in poor condition, tapping on tiles revealed plaster to be loose, hence tiles loose, hence water leaking through, hence rotten floor and leaks to downstairs!

Ripped everything out, dry lined all walls, boarded ceiling with upvc planking, replaced all dodgy plumbing and most of floor. Then cement board ready for tiling. Previously the sink was in front of window (probably because they didn’t want to replace soil stack, which I did, because it leaked and was in wrong place. So I moved WC in front of window and sink to right hand side where I could fit a mirror over.

Electric shower over bath with a concertina shower screen rather than a curtain. Clean, hygienic and leak free and low maintenance. Do it once, correctly and no call backs. Landlord and tenant happy.

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