This is a re-modelling of 10 year old bathroom in a country cottage

As is usual in many instances, I forgot to take any pictures until I had removed the existing suite!… DOH
This installation is one of the few where I tiled over the existing tiles. Firstly they were soundly fixed to the walls, secondly to remove them would have also damaged the existing dry-lined walls and necessitated re-boarding, something the customer was keen to avoid.

The furniture was all custom made painted mdf. A somewhat challenging aspect of this fit was to put an 1800mm long bath in a space measuring 1740mm? The solution was to inset the bath into the walls at either end, which were dry-lined on battens. Reason behind the longer bath was that the customers were reasonably tall and 1800mm x 800mm is much better than a standard 1700mm x 700mm bath. Also the customer had already purchased the bathroom items!

The central heating system was found to be very sludgy, due to a lack of inhibitor due to dilution because of radiator removals for decorating purposes, then refilling with fresh water, leading to more corrosion. A mag filter was fitted on the boiler return pipe and the whole system was power flushed, using the pipe feeds to the towel rail. One radiator at a time, whole job took around 6 hours then refilled and dosed with inhibitor. In future the customer can clean the filter themselves and top up the inhibitor simply by filling the filter canister after cleaning. Something that anyone with a basic diy skill can carry out.

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