A Small Shower room

Again a small room approx. 6′ x 6′ with an extra alcove which was used to accommodate a laundry basket and plate glass shelving for towel storage. Nowhere else in the house to put them!
The original room was in a bit of a state with the bath running on the back wall where the shower and WC are now, the alcove was bigger, which intruded into the bedroom next door and housed a claustrophobic shower cubicle.

The sink was in a vanity unit and the WC was in front of the window, tight up to the bath. All in all a pretty dismal place to be!

I removed all the existing fittings, reduced the size of the alcove which gave much needed space to the next door bedroom, repaired and re-clad the ceiling with a wood-grain mdf plank, repaired and covered the floor with cement board prior to tiling, dry lined most of the walls as they were in a pretty poor state, along with a complete re-pipe and re-wire of the room.

Walls & floors tiled in a matching porcelain tile with flat chrome trim to all edges. The existing hot water was a combi system so pressure was not an issue and I fitted a concealed shower valve with drencher head. The shower tray was a low profile one at the request of the client due to mobility issues. After these pictures were taken a couple of chrome grab rails were fitted to add security. The shower enclosure is 900mm x 900mm which just gives that extra space, compared with a 760mm or 800mm square.

Replacing a bath with a walk-in type shower enclosure is rapidly becoming a popular choice as clients get older and is a far safer option than clambering over the side of a bath for a shower with all the inherent risks that poses. It also frees up some floor area to accommodate re-arrangement of furniture and creates a lighter and more spacious room when space is at a premium.

The mirror over the sink has a proximity sensor underneath to turn the internal light and heating pad on which stops the mirror steaming up.

This room is very low maintenance, hygienic, easy to clean and requires no re-decoration apart from the door re-painting.

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